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Resources: Home Safety

Home Safety

Home Safety Council — A national nonprofit organization that works to prevent home related injuries for people of all ages. This site includes information about the HSC’s programs as well as a safety guide and resources.

Poison Control — The California Poison Control System provides advice and assistance over the phone when you call 1-800-222-1222. Health professionals, educators and parents can access this site.

Falls Prevention Poster — Keep your child from falling with these helpful tips.
[ English (PDF, 174KB) | Spanish (PDF, 180KB) ]

Playground Safety — The National Program for Playground Safety provides safety tips, standards, research, and training for safe playgrounds.

Playground Safety brochure — This friendly brochure contains important information that will help you keep your child safe on the playground. [ English (PDF, 234KB) | Spanish (PDF, 239KB) ]

Coloring Pages for Kids — Help teach kids safety tips while they are enjoying coloring these pages.

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Home Safety for the Home Visitor Materials

Miscrosoft Office PowerPoint presentation download Home Safety Picture Presentation (PPT, 3.88MB) — This presentation can be used by home visitors and health educators to educate parents and/or caregivers about home safety. It is designed for all groups, including low-literacy populations, and is accompanied by a guide (below).

Presentation Guide (PDF, 143KB) — This guide outlines the topics covered in each slide and appropriate talking points.

Home Safety Handouts (These flyers can be used to enhance the presentation to parents.)

Childproofing Equipment (PDF, 340KB) — A visual overview with descriptions of home safety equipment.

Child Development — [ English (PDF, 91.4KB) | Spanish (PDF, 93.2KB) ]

Find the Home Safety Risks Exercise (PDF, 114KB) — This find-and-circle exercise will test your knowledge of common home safety risks to children.

Bingo Cards (PDF, 138KB) | Questions (PDF, 120KB) — Have fun while learning about home safety with this Home Safety Bingo Game.

Home Safety Checklist — [ English (PDF, 156KB) | Spanish (PDF, 169KB) ]

Home Safety Action Steps — A room-by-room safety checklist to help parents find and fix safety hazards for children in the home. [ English (PDF, 146KB) | Spanish (PDF, 167KB) ]

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For Home Safety Professionals

Injury Prevention for Maternal and Child Health Programs (PDF, 269KB) — This report from the San Diego State University describes how to set up an injury prevention program.

Safe Kids Home Safety Training Manual (PDF, 661KB) — This 127-page manual is designed for training home safety professionals.

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